As a member of NAIFA, you will be part of a professional association that enables your career to grow, protects your vested interests in the insurance industry, and advises you on industry trends and new technologies.

NAIFA's government affairs staff monitors federal legislation and mobilizes resources to achieve the most favorable outcome for members and their clients.   At the state level, our state associations work hand in hand with NAIFA's national law department to positively impact state legislation and regulation.

While industry protection is critical, NAIFA's corporate partnerships programs recognize that agents and advisors need much more than just a voice in Washington and state capitols. New sales ideas, industry news and networking opportunities are crucial to agents' success.  In response to these needs, our partnerships also focus on delivering value-added benefits to NAIFA's members. These robust benefits include professional development opportunities, discounts on supplies,programming for younger advisors and those new to the industry, and constant exposure to new sales and prospecting ideas.


On the October 7 broadcast of MSNBC’s “Countdown” program, host Keith Olbermann went on an ill-informed rant condemning corporate-owned life insurance (COLI).  In his diatribe, he also took shots at NAIFA and IFAPAC. Within minutes of this story hitting the airwaves, NAIFA members were contacting our headquarters.  And soon after, NAIFA’s staff and volunteer leaders were working on a response.  Tom Currey’s video sets the record straight…


NAIFA, the nation’s largest life insurance agent membership association, protects your career through unparalleled advocacy and member benefits.  NAIFA’s unwavering mission is to protect and promote the critical role of insurance and the essential role of agents through advocacy and grassroots lobbying in Congress and across the country.



Advocacy:  What Has NAIFA Done For You Lately?

Things Which Could Put Members Out Of Business


Health Care Reform:

As recent as April of 2009 the government solution did not include private health plans or agents.  Because of NAIFA Federation advocacy, private plans and agents will be part of the solution.  The public plan is currently being scrutinized.


Regulatory Reform:

In response to the Madoff and other ponzi schemes perpetrated against the public, Congress determined that added protection was needed in financial planning and providing investment advice to consumers.

Barney Frank’s Congressional Committee proposed legislation which could have imposed fiduciary standards on agent-client relationships.  As presented these fiduciary requirements could have jeopardized agent contracts with insurance companies.  Additionally, paying sales commissions could have been treated as a violation of the law due to inherent conflicts of interest.  These provisions could have affected all insurance agents, stock brokers and financial planners.

An emergency meeting of the Government Relations Committee was convened at the National Convention.  The G.R. Team redrafted the bill at the request of Congressman Frank’s Committee so agents could continue to be paid commissions for sales of products.  The Government Relations Team’s recommendations were approved by the NAIFA Board at an emergency session during the National Convention.  Staff presented NAIFA’s position to Congressman Frank’s Committee the following day.


Tax Reform:

NAIFA representatives have been told by members of Congress and their staff that the products we sell will not escape tax reform in 2010.  It has been suggested that our industry should start pondering which of our “children” (i.e., tax-deferred accumulation of cash value, tax-free death benefits, non-taxable health benefit, etc.) we would be prepared to give up.  NAIFA’s official position is that we will not give up any of our children!  What have you done for NAIFA lately?  It is time to get involved!


Rob Smith, NAIFA Trustee

September 24, 2009